Friday, September 29, 2017

Forward into Fall

     The hectic summer months are past, with them my festival season is largely over too. I taught at Universal Flow Gathering, MOPS Manipulation, Buugeng Convergence, Firedrums, Enchanted Forest, New England Flow Fest, OolaHula's Flow Camp,  and Pacific Fire Gathering. I performed at most of the above as well as at HoopCamp and Burning Man.  I attended one festival for the joy of it (Priceless). I also went to Juplaya. I still found time to hike Sonora Pass and Desolation Wilderness. I need to keep all eight of my tentacles moving.

    I have two festivals left this year. I'm attending Staff Senate in one week, where I am seeking only personal growth. I am also teaching, performing, and cohosting (with Erez Sas) at Ministry of Flow's Reunion retreat. Ministry of Flow is dear to my heart, so it is a happy way to close out the year.

   My next year is already looking stacked. CampFire has expressed interest in having me. I'm taking on a larger role, as well as teaching/performing again, at Buugeng Convergence. I will also likely keep my role as FireDrums showcase codirector.

   My planning has started for what things are of interest to me. I am returning to my home, New Orleans, for Mardi Gras and will be booking private lessons. I have dreamed about returning to Flame to teach and perform, but we will see if it is in the cards. I am very interested in looking into some kind of teaching road trip. I may also consider the spring program at the Clown Conservatory in San Francisco. I will be applying to shin for Ministry of Flow next year. MOPS in October of 2018 is a definite for me.

    I've got the skeleton of my next solo buugeng piece in my head. I've also started a partner piece with a new performing partner. I'm listening to a lot of Forest Swords and Arca for inspiration. I've got the longer dream of a staff piece in my head.

   See you on the road.


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