Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Beginnings of Summer

    Gosh, so much has happened. Let's break this up into digestible chunks. I'm sorry it's been almost two months in between posts! So much time begets so much to try to cover!
    I taught and performed at MOPS (Manipulation presented by Master Ong's Prop Shop). It was easily the most intimidating stage I have ever been on.  Kyle Driggs act was my personal favorite there, and Amy Wieliczka's act gets better every time I see it.
     I traveled to teach and perform at Buugeng Convergence in Austin, Texas. I had a really lovely time experimenting with weird tricks alongside Kaylie Kreatrix. We got into the pond there and did floating mandalas! I also had what I hope is the worst run-through of my "Clockwork" act I ever have. Coming off a really good run at MOPS, that was pretty disappointing. This was salvaged by the fest asking me to take an active role in organization for 2018. I've already started managing their media.
      I taught several classes, performed, and directed the stage show at FireDrums. There was lots of herding cats leading up to the event, but once there I settled into the gravity of unavoidable certainty. I had a wonderful run-through, perhaps my best yet. The work I was doing between Convergence and FireDrums to polish up my musicality really showed.
    We just made the final recording of our conclave submission for Burning Man. I proud of my section--I choreographed the finale, but the work isn't done, and we aren't accepted yet.
    I still have New England Flow Fest and OoolaHula's HoopCamp ahead to perform my "Clockwork" piece at, and to teach at. NEFF will be special since I am teaching my character for movement class. Pacific Fire Gathering is a big question mark right now--I hope to be teaching as well as performing my Flow Show piece with Roux Brulee one final time.
   Major news is that my FishSticks props are now in production and being sold by The Spinsterz. I'm also now sponsored by them!

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