Tuesday, January 16, 2018

01/16/2018 - Milestones

Recent major achievements:

1): I taught a weekend retreat of nothing but buugeng at the legendary FlowToys! Six hours and about 26 total students. I join the ranks of such luminaries as Ronan, Drex, and Frank Hatsis in this tremendous honor. Reading that last sentence, thinking that thought, stuns me.

2): I was, along with Roux, invited to teach at a private circus school. So I taught buugeng to a class of 12 full-time circus students, at renowned school. That is pretty f-n awesome.

3): I redesigned by  staves for 2018 (on discrete design iteration 5 if you are curious, with a bunch of subtle variations and tweaks along the way).

4): I performed a wedding. No, not performed at a wedding. I became ordained and married two of my beautiful friends.  One of the biggest honors ever for me.

This January has been crazy. This year is off to a big start.

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